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Huron Automatic Screw Company Supports MEMA’s Efforts in Washington D.C.

Huron Automatic Screw Company supports the motor vehicle supplier industry’s efforts to create a safer, more sustainable, and more profitable industry. Legislation in Washington D.C. moves quite slowly and often ends in a paralyzed state due to opposing sides refusing to negotiate, or coming to a compromise that ultimately effects no real change. Being a

The Heavy-Duty Manufacturing Industry Posts Record Sales in June

Record sales in the heavy-duty trucking industry translate into sustain growth and success for automotive manufacturing companies and suppliers in 2015. Economic forecasts for the heavy-duty trucking manufacturing industry are strong right now thanks to record sales this June. According to the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA), U.S. sales of heavy-duty trucks reached the third-highest

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Domestic Automotive Manufacturing Suppliers Sustain National Economic Growth

Domestic manufacturing suppliers are playing an important role in boosting the nation’s economy by supporting the growth of the U.S. motor vehicle manufacturing industry. According to recent reports from the Motor and Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (MEMA), domestic manufacturing is playing a significant part in rebuilding the United States’ economy.   Thanks to the hard work of

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