Understanding the Importance of Your Threaded Fastener

What is a threaded fastener? The intricacy of a threaded fastener may not get much attention, but is paramount in the success of every component it fits into. This important factor is a concept Huron Automatic Screw Company takes very seriously. We understand the necessity of precision in each threaded fastener manufactured. The intricacy of

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Huron Automatic Screw Company Offers Variety in Precision-Machined Products

Huron Automatic Screw Company is ready to meet your needs large and small Keeping customers satisfied for more than 85 years, Huron Automatic Screw Company takes pride in understanding your company’s exact needs. From the small town of St. Clair, Michigan, to the vast United States, we make product excellence and customer satisfaction our main

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Huron Automatic Screw Company Creates Product Excellence with Lean Principles

Huron Automatic Screw Company’s Offers Precision in Every Component Huron Automatic Screw Company is a recognized leader in the industry in threaded fasteners and machined parts. In every part made, precision in design and leading edge technology are at the forefront of its creation. We take pride in understanding the needs of every customer, providing

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Huron Automatic Screw Company Leads the Industry in Threaded Fasteners

Threaded fasteners are 100% American-made at Huron Automatic Screw Company  From prototype to production, the engineers at Huron Automatic Screw Company are the experts in the manufacture of threaded fasteners and machined parts. With precision, reliability and personal attention our most valued objectives, we meet these objectives with full understanding of customer requests and requirements.

Huron Automatic Screw Company Customizes Fasteners to Meet Client Needs

By building a close relationship with our clients, Huron Automatic Screw Company can meet precise specifications for fasteners with extreme requirements. Choosing a manufacturer can be an overwhelming task. There are a lot of things to consider and nearly endless options to choose from. The best way to go about this decision is making sure

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Understanding Some of the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Your Threaded Fastener

Huron Automatic Screw Company makes each machined part with the utmost precision and expertise. When choosing your threaded fastener provider, there are important factors to consider. Three important qualities include the utmost precision in the finished product, the timeliness of production, and the one-on-one care with each client. At Huron Automatic Screw Company, this is

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Precision, Innovation and Longevity Create Success for Huron Automatic Screw Company

Family Business is an Element of Success at Huron Automatic Screw Company. Huron Automatic Screw Company originated as a family-owned business in the 1930s and over three-quarters of a century later, the Brooks family continues its legacy as an industry leader in fastener and machined parts manufacturing across the United States. Its precision, innovation and

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Huron Automatic Screw Company is a Proud Member of Precision Machined Products Association

Creating relationships and networking helps strengthen the machine products industry As a member of the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA), Huron Automatic Screw Company recognizes the importance of knowing the competitive nature of the machined products industry. Sharing in the vast knowledge of industry leaders in providing tools and resources that strengthen its member companies,

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Advanced Engineering Developments are Dependent on Precision Machining

Huron Automatic Screw Company supports the progress of a wide array of industries in the United States by manufacturing parts to keep developments moving. We live in a time where the “next big thing” can change several times in a single day. Our ability to connect brilliant people and keep innovations constantly moving has become

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Huron Automatic Screw Company Supports Education Efforts in the Industry

Huron Automatic Screw Company stands behind the Precision Machined Products Association as their Education Foundation encourages youth to explore opportunities in the industry. The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) is one of the major networking associations for our industry. They help to connect manufacturers so that we can share new methods and machinery to continue

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