Huron Automatic Screw Company makes each machined part with the utmost precision and expertise.

When choosing your threaded fastener provider, there are important factors to consider. Three important qualities include the utmost precision in the finished product, the timeliness of production, and the one-on-one care with each client. At Huron Automatic Screw Company, this is exactly the kind of service you’ll receive. We pride ourselves as a complete threaded fastener provider with expertise in every piece of precision-machined part produced. Knowing how these products are made offers an understanding of what goes into every machined part we provide. Take a moment to browse the Huron Automatic Screw Company website at and learn more about the manufactured products and services we provide.

Knowing the crux of your threaded fastener

In the build of every threaded fastener, there are basics to consider that Huron Automatic Screw Company has come to perfect throughout the more than 85 years in the threaded fastener arena. Some considerations include how to measure the bolts, the best choice in materials to use, and the lubricants and finishes required for our customers specific threaded fasteners. Huron Automatic Screw Company considers every detail for the most precise machined parts. These details include understanding the bolt or stud diameter. The diameter of the bolt includes the “nominal” thread diameter. Two important diameters of every bolt are the major and minor thread diameters. The major diameter is the largest outer diameter of the thread and the minor diameter is the deepest part of the thread. Huron Automatic Screw Company takes every component from prototype to production with these simple, but vital essentials in mind. Bolt length is another important aspect. This is the length of the threads from the underside of the bolt head to the tip of the shank. Fractional pitch or thread count for fractional threaded fasteners is another important aspect when measuring critical threaded components. The more course the thread, the lower the pitch number. The finer the thread, the higher the pitch number increases.

With a clear understanding of the needs of each valued customer, from material to manufacture, every piece is built to precise specifications by our team of qualified experts at Huron Automatic Screw Company with continued one-on-one communication throughout the project. More considerations include metric fasteners that use a metric pitch format such as M10 X 1.5. The pitch number specifies the distance between adjacent threads and is measured in millimeters where the basic size specifies the major diameter of the bolt. Huron Automatic Screw Company manufactures the highest quality precision-machined parts for each of our valued customers and this attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Torque value is another critical component and this value is used for proper tightening for every threaded fastener. This is especially critical when it comes to high-stress areas such as connecting rods, cylinder heads, and wheels. For every specific application, a certain clamping load is required for proper component retention and performance and torque value plays a significant role. Accompanied with torque value is the lubricants used. Torque values are established based on the use of lubricants. These lubricants provide a smooth installation and reduce the risk of rust seizure. These are just some of the tools of the trade Huron Automatic Screw Company has come to perfect.

In gaining an understanding of the “nuts and bolts” of threaded fasteners, it’s easy to see why precision is a must and why Huron Automatic Screw Company takes it so seriously. For your complete threaded fastener source, rely on Huron Automatic Screw Company and see why we are leaders in the industry of manufacturing precision-machined parts.

About Huron Automatic Screw Company

With over 86 years of experience, Huron Automatic Screw Company is highly regarded in the fastener manufacturing industry for product excellence and quick turnaround, making us an ideal partner to handle your prototype through production quantity jobs. Our precision machined threaded fasteners, pins, spacers and other parts are purchased by fastener distributors, component manufacturers and OEMs across the United States and go into a wide variety of components such as axles, power trains, suspensions, engines and steering components.

Our tradition of quality and our use of innovative modern manufacturing practices have been our company’s competitive edge in manufacturing precision machined products.  Add to that our reputation for on-time delivery and competitive prices, and you’ve got every answer you need to give us a try on your next project.

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